If you or a family member has hearing loss issues, you can do no better than a visit to Angela Underhill Audiology in Virginia Beach. The office is conveniently located within Chambord Commons at the intersection of Great Neck Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard.
Mrs. Underhill and her staff run a small office that is pleasantly clean and comfortable, and the products offered are the most high tech and modern of their kind, and they are exceptionally discrete for the wearer. As I acclimated to wearing my hearing aids, it was easy to adjust or alter the programs available on these fine Siemens commodities, and there is nothing more satisfying than no longer having to ask my customers to repeat themselves.
Angela Underhill Audiology is the perfect solution for regaining one’s hearing.

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I have always been very pleased with the service provided to me by Angela Underhill. She is very professional, kind, and anticipates any questions I might have before I ask them. She was able to fit me with exactly the device I needed, which is of great comfort tome, as I had sense unsuccessfully resolved my hearing problem before.
I will continue to use her services and highly recommend her to anyone who has hearing problems. I am sure she will make you feel as comfortable and as satisfied as me.

Virginia Beach

I am 60 years old and have been hearing impaired since I was 25 years old. When I lost my h earing my children were very little. I went to a hearing aid “dealer” who stuck two aids on me without a real evaluation of my loss. It was a disaster! I was bombarded with loud noise but no real comprehension of what I was actually hearing. My baby crying on my shoulder was so painful to me. It was so stressful that we returned them. I went for 5 years without wearing any aids at all. I totally relied on lip reading.
Finally I was advised to go to an audiologist, was tested, and fitted for one aid. Immediately I could “hear” things I couldn’t before that but still relied on lip reading to understand speech. For the last almost 30 years, I have had several hearing aids. They all have helped me but I also have a very low tolerance to high pitched and loud noise. It can be very uncomfortable. There were many times I would have to leave the room because it hurt.
All of that changed when I got my new aid 8 months ago from Angela Underhill. It is the most “comfortable” aid I have ever tried. I have 6 noisy grandchildren and I honestly can be in one room with all of them together and enjoy them. The way that this aid blocks out the unwanted noise is amazing. It also has surprised me that I have been able to hear the car blinkers, the beeps on the microwave and my phone. I do a lot of hand sewing and I actually can hear the sound the thread makes as it moves through the fabric. Amazing! After being hearing impaired for 35 years it is awesome. Having the right audiologist and the right hearing aid is truly a blessing to me. I highly recommend the Siemens Micon hearing aid!
I believe all that hearing impaired people just want to hear better, be comfortable, and feel that you “fit in” with everyone else. This aid has helped me do just that.